Please browse the links below to become familiar with my work.  The first section includes academic writing focused on the education of students with brain injury, including my dissertation and articles I’ve written.  The second section lists several  presentations and  speaking engagments.  The next section lists products available for purchase on the education of students with brain injury.  And, finally the last group lists general links of interest, which includes my personal website,

Academic Work:

Dissertation: From service coordination to recovery-of-function phenomenon: A paradigmatic case study of one school district’s efforts to improve outcomes for students with brain injury

Teaching Students with Traumatic Brain Injuries

Changing Educational Systems

Blog Articles


Effective Coordination of Services In Primary and Secondary Educational Settings

Transition Planning for the Student with Brain Injury

Available for Purchase:

Students with Brain Injury: Challenges for Identification, Learning and Behavior in the Classroom

Instructional Tool Kit on Brain Injury for Educators


A Glimpse into My TBI: A Survivor and Educator’s Perspective by Katherine Kimes, EdD

A Living Grief by Katherine A. Kimes, Ed.D.

Post-Gazette Article: She’s Still Fighting for Recovery

Barbara Stahura: Certified Journal Facilitator